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Credit cards

Choose a credit card that suits your needs

Banca Intesa credit cards

Mastercard Platinum

Upoznajte se sa specijalno kreiranim pogodnostima koje prate vaš stil života u zemlji i širom sveta:
  • Personal assistant, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Access to mobile data in roaming, in more than 150 destinations
  • VIP pleasure at airports in case of a flight delay of more than 1 hour
mastercard platinum kreditna kartica

American Express® Gold

American Express® Gold credit card is your privilege!
  • You get a free health insurance card for the whole world*
  • Without interest for purchases until the 15th of next month
  • 50% discount on annual membership with Magnifica payment account
American Express Gold kreditna kartica magnifica banca intesa bez troskova clanarine

Visa Gold

Visa Gold is an international credit card used for payment and cash withdrawal around the world. No membership fee for Magnifica clients.
  • Without interest for purchases until the 10th of next month
  • Settle the min. monthly obligation in the amount of 5% of total debt
  • Pay in instalments at more than 9,000 retail outlets
Visa goldcredit card

Mastercard Gold

Payment in instalments without interest, deferred payment up to 40 days, travel insurance gift card.
  • Enjoy the benefits provided by Mastercard Premium
  • Pay in instalments at more than 9,000 retail outlets
  • Providing additional safety on trips
Mastercard Gold credit card