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Intermezzo cash loan

Pause an instalment when it suits you.

Loan tailored to you

Ko može da uzme kredit?

Potrebno je da budete Magnifica klijent banke kako biste aplicirali za Intermezzo kredit, kao i da imate zaposlenje na neodređeno vreme.

Kao Magnifica klijent, kredit možete realizovati po povoljnijim uslovima.

Kolika je rata kredita?

Na iznos kredita od 200.000 RSD na period otplate od pet godina vaša mesečna rata iznosila bi 4.348 RSD .

Izračunajte ratu za željeni iznos kredita na kalkulatoru ispod i zakažite poziv.

Kako do kredita?

Intermezzo keš kredit možete realizovati i putem aplikacija digitalnog bankarstva ako ste registrovani korisnik, i to u samo nekoliko koraka.

Intermezzo kreditni kalkulator

Izračunajte ratu svog kredita.

Loan amount


Repayment period

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Interest rate

The results of the calculation are of an informative nature. The loan processing fee is included in the total amount that the user has to pay per loan. Detailed information about the loan can be found in the description and a representative example at the bottom of the page.

  • Monthly installment
    • Loan amount - HRK
    • Variable IR monthly annuity - EUR
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - EUR

Calculation results are only informational.

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Is it really that simple?
online cash credit loan
Is it really that simple?
Log into the digital banking app and select the "Loan" option and select one of the three offered loans.
Set the amount, repayment period, enter the salary and learn about all the terms of the desired loan.
Select the account, accept the said documents, enter the PIN and initiate the process of realization of the requested loan.
Wait for the request result notification. After approval, check the delivered documents and sign it by entering the PIN.
After signing the documents, the money will be on the selected payment account.

Easy to reach funds at any time

Easy cash loan is the right solution for you in a situation when you urgently need a smaller amount of money in a short period of time. Maximum amount of Easy Cash loan is RSD 120,000. Just one visit to your Magnifica advisor with an ID card and certified certificate of employment and income is enough, and you will have at your disposal the necessary funds for a small investment or situation that has suddenly arisen.

If you are a registered user of the Intesa Online electronic banking, you can submit a request and realize a loan in fifteen 15 minutes from the comfort of your home, without coming to the bank.

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