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Risk life insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance provides financial security in case of adverse events, and if you opt for life insurance with a savings component, you will provide yourself with additional funds that you can use according to your needs. Banca Intesa, in cooperation with Generali osiguranje, offers you the possibility of contracting a risk policy and savings life insurance, and your advisor is at your disposal to choose the best insurance for you.

Risk life insurance

Risk life insurance can be contracted with a loan and it is the best possible way to protect your loved ones from financial difficulties in case of occurrence of unwanted events. In case of death of the insured person, the insurance company covers the loan outstanding amount and releases the family from the obligation of further repayment of loan.

  • insured risk of death and risk of death due to an accident,
  • insurance period is equal with the loan duration,
  • insured sums are adjusted with the annuity plan in order to be equal to the loan outstanding amount in every moment,
  • it does not have a savings component,
  • premium for the last two years of insurance are paid by the Insurer.
Why to contract?

You can contract the risk life insurance with any loan, whether new or in repayment, and it is especially recommended to contract it alongside mortgage loans with a longer repayment period.

Depending on the amount of the insured sum and the age of the insured person, it may be necessary for the insured person to undergo a medical examination before being accepted in insurance.

Savings life insurance

Life insurance with a savings component is intended for clients who want savings in the long run, but also for the certainty that their loved ones will receive financial support in the event of adverse events. Banca Intesa, in cooperation with Generali osiguranje, offers several savings life insurance products - with the professional support of your advisor, choose the one that best suits your needs.

The following savings life insurance products are available to you:

  • Complete
  • Complete Pro
  • Providence
  • Scholarship personal annuity
Insurance offer in Banca Intesa

Insurance offer in Banca Intesa

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