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Magnifica cash loans

Kreditni kalkulator za keš kredit

Izračunajte ratu svog kredita.

Types of cash loans
We offer you Intermezzo and Laki Cash loan with following characteristics:
Laki Cash loan
Cash loan with tenor up to 12 months and up to 120.000 RSD
Intermezzo loan
Cash loan with tenor up to 71 months and up 2.250.000 RSD
Is it really that simple?
online cash credit loan
Is it really that simple?
Log into the digital banking app and select the "Loan" option and select one of the three offered loans.
Set the amount, repayment period, enter the salary and learn about all the terms of the desired loan.
Select the account, accept the said documents, enter the PIN and initiate the process of realization of the requested loan.
Wait for the request result notification. After approval, check the delivered documents and sign it by entering the PIN.
After signing the documents, the money will be on the selected payment account.
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