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Senior Cash loan

When you cannot say no, we say why not!

Make your wishes come true

Ko može da uzme kredit?

Senior Keš kredit možete uzeti ako ste penzioner i imate između 55 i 79 godina, odnosno najviše 80 godina u trenutku otplate poslednje rate.

Kolika je rata kredita?

Na iznos kredita od 100.000 RSD na period otplate od pet godina vaša mesečna rata iznosila bi 2,326.83 RSD.

Izračunajte ratu za vaš željeni iznos kredita, na kalkulatoru ispod.

Kako do kredita?

Senior keš kredit možete realizovati i putem aplikacija digitalnog bankarstva ako ste registrovani korisnik, i to u samo nekoliko koraka.

Senior Keš kreditni kalkulator

Izračunajte ratu svog kredita.

Loan amount


Repayment period

0 - 0 -

Interest rate is always fixed.

The results of the calculation are of an informative nature. The loan processing fee is included in the total amount that the user has to pay per loan. Detailed information about the loan can be found in the description and a representative example at the bottom of the page.

  • Monthly installment
    • Loan amount - HRK
    • Loan processing fee - EUR
    • Tenor - -
    • Total amount to repay - EUR
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Your pension is enough...

...for all your needs! Senior Cash Credit for pensioners allows you to get extra money only with an ID card and pension checks for the last three months, and as a Magnifica client, you can directly schedule an appointment with your advisor and realize the loan under even more favourable conditions.

Make your loved ones happy and treat yourself to something you have long wanted with a cash loan with a longer repayment period, fixed instalment and without participation or guarantors. We also offer you the possibility of life insurance, free of charge.