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Savings in dinars in a safe place

with special offer

What you need to know

Take advantage of the special offer until 4/30/2023.

For savings in RSD.

No taxes

Savings in RSD are exempt from the taxation system.

Select the term period

from 6 to 36 months

RSD Loan

If you decide to save in dinars, Banca Intesa is the right place for you. In addition to safety and reliability, which is additionally confirmed by more than 700,000 entrusted deposits, as well as the fact that we are the number 1 bank in terms of the amount of savings, we have also prepared special conditions.

Oročenje sredstava u RSD, od 100.000,00 

 Period oročenja

6 meseci

12 meseci

24 meseca

36 meseci

Kamatna stopa (godišnja)


EKS 4.00%


EKS 4.50%


EKS 5.00%


EKS 5.50%

The displayed conditions are valid until 15.03.2023.

Automatic extension of term savings is carried out according to standard conditions. If you want to make a term deposit according to the terms of the special offer, it is necessary to visit a Banca Intesa branch and open the existing term savings accounts.


Opening and keeping an account free of charge

You can open an account, make a payment and make a term of your funds in any branch of the Bank, where expert advisors will be waiting for you who will prepare an offer according to your needs.

You can withdraw your money before the end of deposit term

In exceptional cases, if you need the money, you can request payment from your savings account, before the end of the agreed term, without crediting the agreed interest rate.

 Osiguranje depozita

Deposit insurance

The Bank participates in the system of mandatory deposit insurance established in the Republic of Serbia.

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