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Household Insurance

Household Insurance

Insure your home and your lifestyle from consequences of unexpected events by contracting the household insurance policy. With professional support of your Magnifica advisor, choose the coverage combination that best protects your home.

Be carefree in your home with household insurance, because in case of occurrence of insured risks, such as fire, water discharge from installations or burglary, the insurance company will help you to repair damage quickly and return your property to its previous state.

You can contract a household insurance with a mortgage loan when the insurance period equals the loan duration, but also individually for personally owned real estates, when you can choose the insurance period.

What can you insure?


By contracting a household insurance, you can insure the following individually or in combination:

  • residential buildings, as well as garages, summer kitchens and economic facilities,
  • items intended for furnishing an apartment or house, items for personal use by the insured person and their family members,
  • ownership liability over the said buildings,
  • liability of a private individual for damage caused to third parties.

Insurance coverage

Depending on your needs, the following packages are at your disposal:

  • Fire and other hazards
  • Escape of liquid from water and sewer mains
  • Breaking of glass
  • Breaking of pipes and installations
  • Burglary and robbery

Banca Intesa in cooperation with Generali osiguranje enables the selection of the ideal insurance package for your home.