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Accounts and payments

Open an account

Download all necessary documents for opening your company's account at Banca Intesa, depending on whether you are a resident or a non-resident.

By opening an account at our bank you are able to:

  • Using a framework loan – account overdraft
  • Timely monitoring of account changes in the manner of your choosing.

Open an account

International business

Banca Intesa is here to facilitate your road to settling obligations in foreign currencies.

  • Developed network of current accounts and correspondents
  • In the shortest time and with the most favourable terms
  • With a time schedule, you can plan the purchase and sale of foreign currency

International business

Change of payment account

You can change your payment account in any currency - domestic or foreign, in accordance with the Law on Payment Services, very simply, because all administration is completed by the bank where you open the payment account.

In Banca Intesa branches you can open a dinar or foreign currency current account for the company, and we will further contact your previous bank and complete the process of changing the account, which is described in detail in document at THIS LINK.

The service of changing the payment account is free of charge, and the fee for monthly maintenance of the payment account is charged in accordance with the Tariff of Fees.

banca intesa payment account change