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A unique solution for caterers

Practical device

for getting orders, accepting cards, IPS payments and issuing invoices

Optimization of the billing process

by using only one device

Intended for caterers and hoteliers

for faster and better service

Why is the joint solution of Banca Intesa and Garson the right choice for you?

With the joint solution of Banca Intesa and Garson, specially created for restaurateurs and hoteliers, we give you the opportunity to provide better service for your guests, and a faster and simpler way of working for your employees. Save time by having on one device:

Using the device


To use the Garson Ordering device, you need to:

  1. request the device by sending an email to garson@2dsoft.com or calling 064 8999 778 and 064 8999 792
  2. register to use the service at the Bank
  3. log into the Soft POS application with the parameters you received from the Bank.
Banca Intesa Soft POS app

Banca Intesa Soft POS

Learn more about the Banca Intesa Soft POS application, which turns your mobile device into a POS terminal.