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Special offers


To help improve your business results, we have enabled you to realize savings when purchasing fuel. For users of Banca Intesa business cards, in cooperation with Lukoil company, we have provided discounts for the purchase of fuel.

Make payments with any Banca Intesa Mastercard or Visa Business card at LUKOIL gas stations and realize a discount per every liter:

  • 7.00 RSD for branded products ECTO Diesel and ECTO Plus
  • 5.00 RSD for Euro Diesel and Euro Premium BMB 95
  • 3.00 RSD for Liquefied petroleum gas LPG

The above discounts are approved on the retail price of fuel and are realized on the spot while making payments with Banca Intesa Business cards.

Discounts refer to retail prices until December 31, 2021. after which LUKOIL reserves the right to change the amount of discount until the end of the year.


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