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Electronic business

Do you wish to increase your business efficiency, save time and money?

Perform daily financial transactions electronically, without going to the Bank


Manage your finances and save even more than 50% on dinar payments.
  • Discounts on banking fees for dinar and foreign currency payments
  • Available 24/7 on Windows and Mac operating system
  • Your safety in performing obligations is guaranteed
bizonline biz online banca intesa


Insight into your company's transactions and business operations is available at any moment, wherever you are.
  • Perform transactions in domestic payment operations
  • Inspect your transactions at any moment
  • Inspect the foreign currency account balance
bizmobi biz mobi banca intesa digitalno bankarstvo


Be everywhere your clients are. Initiate your web shop and let your products or services be visible and available to even more customers.
  • Sales can be automated to a great extent, which reduces expenses
  • Online shopping is a trend which constantly grows
  • Thanks to online sales, your products are available to everyone
  • Online sales are taking place non-stop

SMS and Email

An SMS service is available to check the balance on your payment account.
sms email banca intesa digitalno bankarstvo

E-banking terminali

Ovaj način uplate pazara je prvenstveno namenjen firmama za koje uplate vrše zaposleni na prodajnim mestima u blizini lokacija na kojima je CDS uređaj dostupan
  • Jednostavan i brz proces predaje u trajanju od minut do tri minuta
  • Bez popunjavanja Naloga za uplatu, preuzimanja broja i čekanja u redu
  • Sredstva na računu su najkasnije za 1 sat nakon predaje
uplata pazara banca intesa ebanking terminali digitalno bankarstvo

Payment with the NBS IPS QR code

From now on, you can pay by simply showing the QR code on your phone or by scanning it on the merchant's device.
placanje ips qr kodom banca intesa digitalno bankarstvo

Instant payment acceptance

Choose this payment method and allow your customers to pay with mobile device
  • The money is in your account within seconds
  • The service is available on a tablet, smartphone, POS and online store
  • Your customers can make payments by using smartphone
prihvatanje instant placanja pos intesa ips banca intesa

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SMS and E-mail

Quickly and easily check the balance on the account of your company.

  • Fill in the "Application Form" and use the SMS service
  • Activate service within 24 hours after logging in
  • Wherever you are, all you have to do is send an SMS request

Sms and email

Payment and fiscal device in one

Benefits of the device: 

  • Saves money and time 
  • Two new applications 
  • Flexibility and mobility 
  • Improved service 
  • Better communication 

Payment and fiscal device in one