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WB EDIF program

Loan for investment

Improve your business

Without a mortgage

Participation up to 40%

Financing of fixed assets

Repayment period from 36 to 120 months

Loan currency EUR

Total amount of approved funds is up to EUR 500,000

In order to further support the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and registered agricultural farms in Serbia, in cooperation with the European Investment Fund, we have provided even more favorable lending conditions.

At your disposal is our loan for investments within the WB EDIF Guarantee4SME Resilience guarantee program, for which funds were provided with the support of the European Union within the WB EDIF Guarantee for Economic Recovery.

Let your business vision become a reality with our specially created investment loan for the purchase of equipment and machinery, vehicles and real estate.

  • No mandatory mortgage or pledge
  • Loan repayment period from 36 to 120 months
  • Loan currency EUR
  • The total amount of funds approved within the program, per beneficiary, cannot be higher than EUR 500,000
  • Share up to 40%

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WB EDIF loan

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