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Invest in your future

Why to invest in investment funds?

Risk diversification

By investing in financial instruments, you reduce the investment risk

Professional management

The property of the investment fund is managed by an expert

Your income rate

By investing you can achieve an even higher expected income

For those of you searching for new financing options

If you are searching for new investment options, we are happy that now, through the Investment Fund Management Company, Intesa Invest, we can provide you with the opportunity to invest and increase your funds.

By investing in the investment fund, you invest in various financial instruments, which gives you the possibility of achieving an expected income which is higher than the usual savings methods. Such a form of investing can be the right choice for you, regardless of whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner in this area, and regardless of the amount of funds you are prepared to invest.

From now on, in addition to the opportunity to invest your money in existing open-end investment funds, the Intesa Invest Cash Dinar UCITS fund and the Intesa Invest Comfort Euro UCITS fund, you can also invest in the new Intesa Invest Cash Euro UCITS asset preservation fund.

If you want to manage the surplus of your funds in euros in a reliable way and achieve a stable return in a shorter period of time, discover all the advantages of investing in Intesa Invest cash euro HERE.


intesa invest investicioni fondovi magnifica klijenti

Intesa Invest

Banca Intesa has founded the Investment Fund Management Company Intesa Invest a. d. Beograd in accordance with the strategic decision to create additional value for its clients and offer them a wide range of services that accompany their growing needs.

Our mission is to generate value for investors, anticipate needs and create investment products which will meet their needs and expectations, with a smaller investment risk, lower costs and professional property management.

Intesa Invest Comfort Euro fund

Intesa Invest Comfort Euro

Open-end investment funds, organized as balanced funds with the aim of achieving a stable return in the medium term.
Intesa Invest Cash Dinar fund

Intesa Invest Cash Dinar

Open-end investment fund, with the aim of achieving a stable return in the the short term, with a high level of liquidity.