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Authorized foreign exchange dealer training

Employee training with the authorized foreign exchange dealer

According to the Decision of the National Bank of Serbia on the terms and manner of performing foreign exchange operations, Banca Intesa Beograd informs its clients and business associates that, in the upcoming period, in line with the prescribed measures for preventing the spread of the infectious COVID-19 disease, it will organize a webinar – Employee training with authorized foreign exchange dealers working with bills and coins of the EURO currency.

The topic of training is "Manual processing of bills, protective elements of bills and familiarization with characteristics of current forgeries". The anticipated training time is three hours.

We invite all those interested to apply via our form.

After filling out the form, you will get an automatic message which confirms the receipt of your application.

Registered participants will get a link for accessing the registered e-mail address with the webinar schedule. The said links and training can be accessed from all devices (computers, mobile phones and tablets) using the ZOOM app.

After receiving a confirmation on the exact schedule, you need to confirm your participation by paying the amount of RSD 12,000 per trainee, no later than two days before the training is to be held (you can see an example of the payment order on the LINK).

NOTE: You need to pay the participation fee only after you receive a return e-mail from the Bank with the details related to the place and time of training.