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Special offer for autumn works

until 31/10/2023

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In anticipation of autumn agricultural work, we have prepared a special loan offer for the purchase of working capital. On favorable terms, with a lower interest rate, finance the purchase of fertilizers, seeds, protective agents, feed for cattle, cattle for fattening, fuel and other raw materials.

Loan approval conditions

  • The loan is intended for natural persons - registered agricultural farms
  • The loan can be in dinars or indexed in euros
  • The minimum loan amount is RSD 600,000, i.e. EUR 5,000
  • Repayment period from 6 to 24 months
  • A fixed interest rate is available for loans in RSD and a variable interest rate for loans indexed in EUR.
  • Approved funds are at your disposal in a short time

Visit our nearest branch and find out all the details about this special offer from a small business advisor and submit a request.

Representative example for clients of EIR calculations on September 8th, 2023

Vrsta kredita

Farmer Obrt kredit u dinarima

Valuta kredita


Kriterijum za indeksiranje

Nema kriterijuma za indeksiranje

Iznos kredita

3.000.000,00 RSD

Period otplate

24 meseca

Šestomesečni anuitet

822,657.54 RSD

Nominalna kamatna stopa
(na godišnjem nivou)

7,5%, fiksna

(na godišnjem nivou)


Ukupan iznos koji će korisnik vratiti na kraju ugovornog perioda:

3,290,630.18 RSD

Troškovi koji padaju na teret korisnika, poznati su u trenutku oglašavanja i ulaze u obračun efektivne kamatne stope:

Naknada za obradu kreditnog zahteva

 15,000 RSD

2 menice

 100 RSD

Izveštaj Kreditnog biroa

 246 RSD*

Uverenje o stanju poreskih obaveza

 760 RSD*



* costs borne by the user, which are included in the calculation of the effective interest rate, the amount of which the Bank has no influence on (please note that these are approximate amounts that the Bank does not influence, and which depend on the amount of fees and charges of external institutions).

International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

On the occasion of International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, which is celebrated on September 29, we would like to emphasize that agricultural producers can play a significant role in reducing food wastage and waste. Therefore, by adopting innovations and choosing adequate technology, you can simultaneously contribute to the preservation of the environment, the reduction of waste and the development of your business.