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Restructuring program for borrowers of agricultural loans

We hereby inform you that in accordance with the Decision on Temporary Measures for Banks Aimed at Adequate Management of Credit Risk in Agricultural Loans Portfolio in Conditions of Aggravated Agricultural Production (published in the Official Gazette RS, no. 111 of 07 October 2022, hereinafter: the Decision) Banca Intesa (hereinafter: the Bank) allows its clients to submit a request for restructuring of agricultural loans (hereinafter: the Request).

The restructuring means change of terms of individual loans, such that the borrower is approved 6- to 12-months grace period for repayment of all obligations it has towards the bank regarding that loan (duration of the grace period is selected by the borrower in the Request). During the grace period the Bank will not collect any loan principal, but will continue to collect the interest, while loan repayment period will be extended so that the amount of future annuity set at the time restructuring is approved does not exceed the amount of annuity before the restructuring.

The restructuring applies only to loans that have been approved for performance of agricultural activities. The restructuring may apply to loans approved within guarantee scheme of the Republic of Serbia or with guarantee of international financial institutions, as well to subsidized loans, only with prior consent of guarantors and/or the subsidy.

Terms of loan repayment agreed by restructuring program (interest rate, additional collateral, etc.) must not be less favourable for the borrower than the original terms.

Requirements for submission of request

The request may be submitted if the following requirements are met as of 31 May 2022:

  1. the borrower is less than 90 days past due on any liability that is covered by the restructuring program;
  2. the borrower is not in default with the Bank in terms of regulations of the National Bank of Serbia;
  3. bank’s receivables against the borrower are not considered non-performing loan/receivables in terms of regulations of the National Bank of Serbia.

The borrower means a person registered in the register of agricultural holdings kept by the Treasury Administration in terms of the laws governing agriculture and rural development (hereinafter: the Register), such as:

  1. natural person who is the owner of commercial, family-owned agricultural holding in terms of the law governing agriculture and rural development;
  2. entrepreneur;
  3. legal entity, such as:
  • agricultural cooperative with at least five members registered in the Register as the owners or members of five different agricultural holdings registered in the Register,
  • other legal entity classified as micro or small enterprise in accordance with the law governing accounting.

The Decision applies to liabilities arising from loans approved to the borrowers until 7 October 2022.

How to submit a request

If you want to use the restructuring program provided by the Decision you have to submit a Request for Restructuring of Agricultural Loans by 30 April 2023 at the latest in one of the following ways:

  1. to Small Business Advisor in any branch of the Bank;
  2. by submitting completed and signed request to the following e-mail address olaksice_AGR@bancaintesa.rs;
  3. by sending completed and signed Request by mail to the address Banca Intesa ad Beograd, Milentija Popovića 7b, 11070 Novi Beograd, with a note “For restructuring of agricultural loans 2022 - SB Department”.

You can download Request template HERE. 

The Bank will not charge any fees for taking the measures and activities in accordance with the Decision or request reimbursement of costs related to the measures and activities, including the costs of processing client’s request.

The Bank is obliged to decide on the Request and notify the client on its decision within 30 days from the date of receiving the Request.

The representative example of repayment before and after restructuring is provided below:


Initially disbursed loan amount



Initial repayment period



Repayment frequency



Number of annuities paid



Annuity of original loan



Outstanding principal





Grace period

6 months

Before reconstruction

After reconstruction



February 2023

    564.382.77 RSD

Interest during grace period February 2023

53.075.83 RSD

August 2023

564.382.76 RSD

August 2023

564.155.71 RSD



February 2024

564.155.71 RSD