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SMS and E-mail

Check your company's account balance in a quick and simple manner

Wherever you are, all you need to do is send an SMS inquiry and within a few seconds, you will receive information via SMS on your company's current account balance.

In order to use the SMS service, you first need to fill out the Application Form and submit it at any Banca Intesa window.

The service will be activated within 24 hours after application.

In order to check the current account balance, you need to send an SMS with the contents ST xxxx to the number 1500, where xxxx is the middle part of the account between the bank's mark 160 and the control number, without initial zeros.

Example: In order to check the balance for the current account no. 160-000000001234-67, you need to send an SMS to 1500, with the following contents:

ST 1234

Note: The service of checking the current account balance is available to users of MTS, Telenor and VIP networks, and it is charged 6 dinars + VAT for the users of the MTS network, 6 dinars + VAT for the users of the Telenor network and 6 dinars + VAT for the users of the VIP network.

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