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EaSI Farmer Invest loan

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EaSI Farmer loan

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    Possibilities of EaSI Farmer loans

    With the desire to additionally support the business of registered agricultural producers in Serbia, in cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF), we have provided even more favourable terms of long-term loans.

    If you have a need for investment funds, our long-term loan for investments – EaSI Farmer Invest loan, is at your disposal, enjoying the benefits from the guarantee financed by the European Union within the Employment and Social Innovation Program (EaSI).

    Submit a request for EaSI Farmer Invest loan at the closest Banca Intesa branch with the small business advisor and use the following benefits:

    • No mandatory mortgage or pledge,
    • The loan can be in dinars or indexed in euros,
    • Repayment period of up to 60 months for loans in RSD or up to 84 months for loans indexed in EUR,
    • Grace period of up to 12 months,
    • Repayment in equal monthly, quarterly or semi-annual annuities,
    • Simple and fast procedure.


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