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Payment transactions in dinars

Transfer of net earnings

Based on specially concluded agreements with clients, Banca Intesa enables you to realize the total amount of net earnings of all your employees with a single transfer order.
By paying salaries in the above manner, you achieve the following:

  • Maximum durability of amounts of individual employee earnings,
  • Having only one transaction for the total amount of net earnings on your account balance,
  • Quick and efficient way of paying salaries.

Based on your specification of individual payments submitted to the Bank via a .txt file, sent to an agreed e-mail address, the Bank performs transactions of transferring salaries to individual accounts with the Bank and other banks, or group payment to accounts with other banks.
The Bank does not charge a fee for payment of salaries to employees who have an opened current account at Banca Intesa. The abovementioned service is a contractual transaction with defined rights and obligations of the Bank and the client.