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Acceptance of payment cards



The option of processing all payment cards at a single POS terminal

Widespread network

Existing network of 20,000 POS terminals and 1.4M issued payment cards


Transfer of funds to the merchant's account after performed transaction

Always at your disposal

The technical support service and the customer service are available 24/7

You should also know this

In line with the technical capabilities at the point of sale, the Bank can offer you multiple POS terminal models. Apart from the standard dial-up POS terminals, the offer also includes Ethernet POS terminals which enable transaction realization via the internet. For restaurants and other specific-need activities, we can provide the use of GPRS POS terminals with which transactions are realized via a mobile network. It is possible to connect POS terminals with cash registers and thus automate and speed up the sale process (the possibility of making an error is decreased).

The technical support service ensures constant operation of POS terminals and resolves interruptions that may occur in everyday business.

Available services

Depending on the activity performed by the merchant, assessments of turnover which will be realized via the Bank's POS terminals, risks in the process of acceptance of payment cards and technical conditions for the operation of POS terminals at the point of sale, the Bank can offer the following services to the merchant:

  • Sale
  • Cancellation of the last transaction
  • Sale in instalments with Banca Intesa payment cards for natural persons
  • Pre-authorization and pre-authorization realization
  • Paying without a payment card
  • Refund
  • Connecting POS terminals with a cash register