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DFC loans

for working capital and investments
DFC Loans

In September 2022, Banca Intesa and the American Development Finance Corporation (DFC) signed a Guarantee Agreement in order to encourage credit activity using the DFC guarantee for proportional risk sharing. In this way, Banca Intesa and DFC continue the successful cooperation started in 2021 by signing a guarantee agreement that allowed the Bank to use the DFC guarantee for the needs of long-term loans for investment in agriculture (DFC Farmer Invest Loans).

The DFC guarantee given under the terms of the Agreement aims to strengthen the Bank's ability to provide loans to micro, small and medium-sized companies and registered agricultural holdings established and operating in the Republic of Serbia.

Program users

The users of the product are Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities that meet the requirements of belonging to the SME group of companies in accordance with the US categorization, i.e. in the specific case Clients who meet 2 of the 3 following conditions:

  • Up to 300 employees
  • Annual income max USD 15 million
  • Total assets max USD 15 million

The data shall be analyzed on a consolidated basis.

Clients must be privately owned.

Loan terms

  • maximum loan amount: up to $4,000,000
  • loan term: up to 10 years
  • grace period: up to 2 years

Purpose of funds

DFC loan funds can be used for:

  • investment loans or for investments in fixed assets of companies
  • loans for working capital