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With BizMobi app, you are completely in control

Performing transactions

Perform transactions in domestic payment operations

Overview of statements

Inspect your transactions at any moment

Foreign currency account

Inspect the foreign currency account balance

Push notifications

Push notifications

During each change (inflow or outflow of assets), you get an automatic notification in order to have insight into the current account balance. You can determine the minimum and maximum amounts for which you wish to receive notifications.

Biz Mobi service activation

Biz Mobi service activation

In order to become a user of the BizMobi app, you need to observe the following three steps:

  1. Download the BizMobi app from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Afterwards, you need to sign a contract for the service at the nearest Banca Intesa branch. The documents you need to sign a contract for the service are the Application form (two copies) and the Contract (two copies). You also need to be familiar with the General terms of business for the BizMobi service, as well as the Extract from the fees tariff.
  3. After you have signed the contract for the service at the branch, you need to activate the app on your phone. You can view the video-instructions for activation below.


The BizMobi app provides you with high safety thanks to its modern and highly reliable protection systems. When downloading the app, the mToken is also installed on your mobile phone, which guarantees the login safety and execution of transactions. Work in the app is protected by the mPIN, which serves for safe data exchange with the Bank and which is known solely to you, because you create it yourself in the app activation process.

Activation of BizMobi app
BizMobi app
Activation of BizMobi app
Choose the SCAN QR CODE option
Point the camera at the QR code you received during registration
Enter the CODE 1 and CODE 2 you received in the SMS
Select a four-digit PIN for login
Confirm the PIN you previously entered and complete the activation

Additional information

If you have additional questions, you can get all your answers by phone, by calling the phone number 011/310-88-70 or via e-mail at e-banking@bancaintesa.rs, on work days from 8 AM to 9 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM.

Time of receipt of orders

You can deliver your payment order at any branch the Bank during their working hours.

Payments which refer to Banca Intesa accounts (internal payments) may be executed on Saturdays in specific branches. Orders submitted during working hours of branches, as well as on Saturdays, will be executed the same day.

You can send electronic payment orders for payment through electronic banking application BizOnline any time, while their execution has been harmonized with working house of payments. Electronic payment orders sent within the internal payments may be executed on Saturdays as well, until 2 p.m. All detailed information, you can find here.