Asset payments

Payment of the foreign exchange currency assets can be done based on:

  • Collecting of payment of sold goods and effected services on Kosovo and Metohija, with following documentation:

- Authorization signed by authorized person for selling of foreign exchange money of NBS and directing counter value in RSD on the current account of the client.
- Copy of invoice or pro-formal invoice business

  • Returning of part of the advance payment for trip abroad (final calculation of official trip) with following documentation:

- Request for returning of effective foreign exchange money on the foreign exchange account of legal entity and instructions for forwarding of counter value in RSD, if the client wants to sell the foreign exchange money to the Bank.
- Final calculation of business trip abroad

  • As well as offering services to physical persons in international turnover of goods and travellers, duty free shops, collecting payments from roads and delivery of fuels to foreign plains and ships in accordance with relevant low regulations.