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Purpose accounts

Purpose accounts

In accordance with the Regulation on Fiscal Benefits and Direct Grants to Business Entities in Private Sector adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia (“Official Gazette RS”, no. 54/2020) for the purpose of mitigating economic consequences caused by COVID-19, the Bank will by 30 April 2020 automatically open a special purpose account for all legal entities (resident legal entities/entrepreneurs and branches and offices of foreign legal entities), which only have a current account with Banca Intesa ad Beograd.

The special purpose account will also be opened by the above date for all legal entities that have accounts in several banks and decide to open the special purpose account in Banca Intesa ad Beograd

Account name will contain COV.

You can find the account number at NBS website by clicking here.

Registered agricultural holdings can receive information on account number in the bank branch or from the designated advisor.

The Bank will not charge fees for opening and maintenance of these accounts or for any transactions carried out through this account.

The account will be closed automatically after receiving the notice of Tax Administration that direct grants program has ended in accordance with the Regulation or that the business entity is no longer entitled to receive such grants.