FX dealings and payment schedules abroad

FX dealings include all dealings of buying and selling of foreign exchange at the request with the actual market conditions. This way of buying of foreign currency is intended for all clients.
Buying and selling of foreign exchange can be realized by authorizing it the same day or a certain date, and in that case there is a question of term selling of foreign exchange. Practically, whenever bank client has to effect payment abroad and has no foreign exchange on his account, he refers to the bank with a request to sell him foreign exchange which he will use for paying his obligations.

At the same time, Banca Intesa has developed a network of the foreign banks at which it has open account at, so that it is present in all countries where Serbia has important foreign exchange turnover, which enables it to have efficient international payments.

Thanks to the high foreign exchange liquidity and large network of correspondent banks (banks with SWIFT communication) abroad, orders of the clients are realized in the shortest period possible, with the most favorable conditions, using the latest technological methods.

Order for selling and buying foreign exchange can be given by phone, e-mail, fax or e-banking.

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Assets payouts

Paying out of the effective foreign exchange money asset in branch offices of Banca Intesa a.d. Belgrade can be done based on the paying off of the advance payment for official trip abroad.

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Overseas payments

Payments towards overseas bank will effect by nostro money order, using SWIFT technology and accounts abroad.

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Overseas payouts

Collecting payment from abroad is done by loro money order as the safest and most efficient instrument of international money turnover for deposits of funds.

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Foreign cheque payments

If your foreign partners do not want to effect payment to you by loro money order (bank’s transfer), but they pay the exported goods or effected service with foreign checks, you can deposit those cheques at any window of Banca Intesa in the country.

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