Biz Credit Line

Revolving credit line available to small enterprises as well

Secure stable operation, plan your inflow and outflow, and respond quickly to market challenges with unique and flexible collateral.

  • Key features

You can combine more products up to the approved credit line limit:

  • Dinar loans with or without the currency close
  • Euro loan
  • Domestic currency guarantees
  • Foreign currency guarantees
  • Letters of credit
  • Legally binding letter of intent

Biz Line key features:

Credit line validity period

Up to 24 months, with revision of creditworthiness after 12 months

Credit line purposeFaster availability of a greater number of products and the usage of different bank products in shorter intervals during the validity period of the limit defined by the credit line. Recommended to clients with frequent need for issuing guarantees and letters of intent and financing projects won in tender.