COSME – Loans for Permanent Current Assets

Pursuant to the Agreement that the Bank entered into with the European Investment Fund (EIF) on 8th December 2016, Banca Intesa has introduced a new product - Loans for Current Assets - COSME.

The essence of this new product implies that each individual placement placed within the given program is covered with the EIF’s Guarantee – in the amount of 50% of the loan value.

This will provide the Clients with the possibility to draw the loan for the current assets for the period longer than usual and without any hard collateral. (Mortgage, Pledge.)

The Features of the Loan:
The Clients who can use this product

The Clients who can use this product are the Clients Residents having the address of the headquarters at the territory of the Republic of Serbia and the full official authority, as well as the Clients for whom the Credit Bureau Statement can be provided via theAssociation of Serbian Banks. Another requirement is business operation in duration of minimum 15 months and the credit ability for the loan use.

The segment of Clients

Existing and New Clients of the Bank, entrepreneurs and legal entities comprised within the segment of small and medium sized enterprises.

The period for which the loan is approved 30 - 36 months,
Grace period 3 – 6 months
The maximal amount of the individual loan EUR 10,000 - 150,000
The amount of deposit

participation without the compulsory participation

The currency in which the loan is approved and the type exchange rate

EUR exchange rate in dinar counter value – Calculation is executed according to the official middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of loan release

The purpose of the loan Procurement of the Current Assets
Methods of disbursement Transfer of funds to the account of the loan beneficiary in equal monthly instalments or to the account of the seller / service provider
Methods of loan repayment

Equal monthly instalments in dinar counter-value by application of the official mean exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of instalment repayment

Minimal collateral Minimal collateral is 8 blank single bills, signed and verified by the beneficiary, with the authorization for use;
Podrška Evropske unije u okviru Olakšice za garanciju kredita utvrđene u skladu sa Uredbom (ES) br. 1287/2013 Evropskog parlamenta i Saveta o osnivanju programa za konkurentnost preduzeća i malih i srednjih preduzeća (COSME) (2014-2020)