FX trading and payment schedules abroad

Safe and easy foreign exchange and payment operations abroad

FX operations encompass all the operations regarding the purchasing and selling of foreign currency at the client’s request in line with the current market conditions.

This method of purchasing foreign currency is available to all the clients. Foreign currency can be purchased or sold on the same day when ordered by the client or on a set future date – forward exchange. Whenever a client of our bank needs to perform payment abroad and does not possess foreign currency funds on their account, they can ask the bank to sell them foreign currency to be used for payment.

Our bank possesses current accounts in a wide network of foreign banks and it is therefore present in all the countries Serbia trades with in any significant amount, which enables it to efficiently perform international payment operations.

Thanks to our high foreign currency liquidity and a wide network of correspondent banks abroad (with which our bank has SWIFT communication), our clients’ orders are executed in the shortest possible period and under the most favourable conditions, by means of cutting-edge technology.

Foreign exchange order can be given to the bank by phone, e-mail, fax or e-banking.