Technical and safety aspects

• The Seller is obliged to create, at their Internet point of sale, an interface which will lead the Buyer through the process of ordering products/services, after the Buyer has entered into the Internet point of sale using the Internet browser.

• At the moment of payment, the Buyer is forwarded to the Processor page, where they enter the data relating the payment card, followed by authentication and authorization of the transaction.

• After successful completion of the authentication and the authorization process, the Buyer, together with the data about the results of authentication and authorization, is redirected to the Internet point of sale. In accordance with the delivered data, the Seller informs the Buyer about successful completion / unsuccessful completion of the purchase process, and takes over the appropriate actions (delivery of goods/services).

The very implementation of the E-commerce service at the Internet point of sale is very simple, and the Bank provides consulting services during the implementation process. During the implementation process, the Bank also provides the Seller with the complete technical documentation, testing payment cards, access to the testing server for authorization.

The E-commerce service of Banca Intesa Beograd possesses the implemented 3D Secure technology, which implies additional measures of authentication (MasterCard SecureCode and CAP, Verified by VISA) for the Buyer, payment card beneficiary. This implemented 3D Secure technology also protects the Seller during the purchase process, and secures them against any abuse of the payment card at their Internet point of sale.