Use your mobile phone to manage your finances

Running a business means pulling the strings all the time. In order to provide this for you in the world of banking, we have created the BizMobi, mobile banking application, which provides insight into transactions and the business of your company at every moment, wherever you are.
With the BizMobi application now you can quickly and safely do the following:

  • Transactions in the domestic payment operations
  • Review of the daily and the archival transactions at dinar accounts
  • Review of the dinar account statements
  • Insight into the foreign exchange account statements
  • Insight into accounts of credit and debit payment cards, that is, insight into the state of accounts, transactions and the review of the limit on accounts and cards

Push notifications

After every change of account (inflow or outflow of funds) you will receive an automatic notification in order to be informed about the current state of account. You can define the minimum and the maximum amount that you want to be informed about.



If you have any additional questions, please call 011/310-88-70 or write an e-mail to, on business days from 8.00AM to 9:00PM and on Saturdays from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.
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