Safe deposit boxes

Along with all other services intended for private individuals who are clients of our Bank, we also offer the services of renting out safe deposit boxes at several locations at our branch offices:

  • Beograd, Knez Mihailova 30 – in 8 sizes
  • Beograd, Kolarčeva 5 – in 5 sizes
  • Šabac, Gospodar Jevremova 44 - in 4 sizes
  • Pančevo, Štrosmajerova 1 - in 3 sizes
  • Sremska Mitrovica, Svetog Dimitrija 2 - in 2 sizes
  • Subotica, Štrosmajerova 6 - in 6 sizes and,
  • Novi Sad, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4 - in 17 sizes.

The procedure of renting out safe deposit boxes is very simple – it is sufficient enough to contact the bank with a rental request, stating the desired deposit box size and time length of the lease, and all you need when it comes to documents is a valid personal identification. Our self-service electronic safe deposit boxes represent the latest in safe usage technology and are the only ones of their kind in our country. In addition to their exceptional security, they guarantee maximum protection and discretion for our clients, ensured by both traditional keys and electronic keycards for safe deposit boxes - Safecard. All activities regarding safe deposit boxes are followed electronically via the central computer, which registers the time of entry, time spent in the box, box availability, etc. all with the express goal of guaranteeing the maximum security for our clients.

All prices of our safety deposit boxes you can find in Tariff of fees.