Travel arrangements in installments without interest via Banca Intesa credit cards

Paying for travel arrangements, vacations or trips is usually financially demanding, especially for families.

If you pay for them with any of Banca Intesa credit cards, you can divide the total amount into equal monthly installments, without interest. The number of installments is determined by the travel agency and usually consists of 6 installments, although there are agencies that provide you with a payment option in 12 installments.

You can divide most of the costs of travel preparation (purchase of ski equipment, vacation clothing and beach accessories, cosmetics, food, etc.) into installments by paying with your credit cards.

Where can you pay in installments?

You can pay for travel arrangements in installments in nearly 170 travel agencies throughout Serbia, among which are some of the most important domestic agencies with which Banca Intesa has a signed agreement.

You do not have a credit card?

Banca Intesa is the only bank on the domestic market that can offer you credit cards of all three internationally recognized brands: MasterCard, American Express and Visa, which you can use both in the country and abroad.

You can submit a credit card request at any one of our bank's branches. You can find more information on credit cards in our offer here.

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