Online shopping

Banca Intesa has enabled its clients to make payments online by using their payment cards, as well as connecting their cards with a PayPal account.

How to protect yourself when making payments on the Internet
When shopping on the Internet:
  • Use your payment card exclusively for purchases on websites of renowned companies.
  • If you are not previously familiar with the site, make sure to find out more about the chosen vendor by using a search engine, for example Google, so you could determine whether it is reliable enough for online shopping. You can further establish credibility of the internet seller by verifying mandatory data on their website, such as the seller's name, address, contact information, whether they have published a customer privacy and personal data protection policy, what is their return of goods policy, etc.
  • Immediately prior to the payment you should read all the information about your order and familiarize yourself with the terms of purchase which you are about to accept. Sometimes the fine print contains a condition of the purchase that is absolutely not in your best interest.
  • Make sure that the computer, which you intend to use for the purchase, has the most current versions of the operating system, antivirus software and web browser, so you could be certain that the device does not contain any malicious software (such as a virus, trojan, spyware or malware) that is potentially intended for the purpose of theft of your payment card data.
  • Avoid using shared computers for shopping (such as those in Internet cafés).
  • The website URL that contains the form for entering the information regarding your card, which can be seen in the address field of your browser, should start with "https:/f". Websites that begin with https:// enable secure transmission of the information you have entered in your browser to the party that collects it. Most web browsers have the functionality to detect whether the digital certificate of such party is valid. If it is invalid (in such cases warnings should appear or there will be fields in the address part of your browser that are labelled as an error), the purchase is not recommended.
  • Look for the padlock symbol next to the web address and, if highlighted in red, or if the browser shows a warning that the certificate is not valid, you should by no means enter information regarding your payment card, even if requested.
  • By clicking on the padlock symbol, you can get more information about the certificate itself, as shown in the following example,
  • Payment card details should be entered into the https webpage only in a situation where you are paying for something.
  • Never enter the PIN of your payment card anywhere on the Internet*.
* When making payments with Visa or MasterCard credit cardsm some websites use an extra level of protection which requires the entry of an additional one-time password. Banca Intesa enabled the highest level of protection for purchases via the Internet to all users of Visa Inspire payment cards, as well as MasterCard payment cards that are registered for 3D Secure, using the MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by VISA programs of additional identification. By introducing this functionality, Banca Intesa made it possible for her clients to make online payments in a secure manner and protect themselves from potential misuse of the information from their cards, with the aid of 3D secure password. This password is created by using a special card reader that can be obtained in any branch of Banca Intesa. More information can be found HERE.