You deserve special treatment

And that is exactly the treatment you get with this unique Banca Intesa Visa Platinum debit card. Your day stops being “business as usual”, because there is nothing usual about this card. It gives you privileges and benefits designed to meet your needs, makes your challenging day easier and helps you stay on top of any situation. It opens the door to a world a few can enter and lets you enjoy in special benefits both in our country and around the world.


You frequently travel around the world, so it is important for an airport to be your oasis of peace, a place where you can relax in a comfortable armchair and focus on the essential daily tasks. This card is your ticket to more than 1.000 VIP airport lounges in 450 cities or more around the world and number of visits is unlimited. You just have to show your Banca Intesa Visa Platinum card and you can bring in anyone you want for a specially agreed, additional fee.

For more information visit LoungeKey website, or to use LoungeKey smartphone application, access the following link. If you are already registered, it is necessary to re-create an account:


Your time is precious, so this card gives you access to express lanes on more than 270 airports all around the world, which includes fast check in and passport checks, priority boarding, as well as organization of transfer, escort from the plane to your vehicle or to the departure gate.

Book the service 3 days before use at and forget about long airport lines and waiting. Thanks to your Visa Platinum card you will receive a 25% discount to regular price.


One of the most important things you need to have when you travel is insurance. This is why your Visa Platinum card comes with international health and travel insurance which is valid throughout the world and, if required, covers medical help and assistance in foreign countries in case of a sudden sickness or accident, hospital costs for at least 72 hours continuously spent in hospital and medical emergencies, such as winter sports injuries (skiing and snowboarding). The insurance also covers flight delays or cancellation, missed connection and delays or luggage loss, as well as public transport accidents in foreign country.

All these benefits are also available to your immediate family, including your formal or informal spouse and children up to 18 years of age, who travel with you as a ticket holder and who have been registered by an insurance company before travel.


You have a privilege of being able to shop more relaxed than others. Buy whatever you want for yourself or someone special, pay by Banca Intesa Visa Platinum card and from that time on for the next 90 days you don’t have to worry about any damages, theft or loss of the product you bought. The product is insured whether you keep it for yourself or give it to someone else as a gift and even if it is not covered by other warranties. With the original receipt the product is insured up to a certain limit determined based on the price and insurance coverage.

Find out more about these benefits at


If you have any health-related or legal question, with this card, expert teams from these fields will always be at your service while you are abroad. They will provide medical advices over the phone, as well as professional care before and after hospital treatment, emergency medical help and information on vaccination and medical centres in the destination country or legal advices and interpretations.

All these services are available 24/7 at any location. Just call the local phone number 0800 190 003. For calls from abroad look for the telephone numbers at, where you can find out more about this benefit.


Wherever you may be, you can rely on 24/7 support from our support centre which is available at designated phone number: +381 11 310 88 33. Report possible card loss or theft by calling phone number: +381 11 30 10 160 and your card will immediately be blocked. You can also get information about your card account balance at any time of day by a simple phone call.


You can get more than you expect from shopping or travel thanks to Platinum international and local benefits and discounts program.

Banca Intesa Visa Platinum card gives you fantastic advantages in more than 900 of the most prestigious hotels in the world. You are guaranteed the best deals, a room upgrade, late check out time, VIP treatment, continental breakfast every day and a voucher for food or drinks of your choice. A list of hotels and special offers is available at

Excellent discounts and benefits await you at numerous retail locations in Serbia. For more information, please visit . For benefits during your travels, visit


Pay by Banca Intesa Visa Platinum card in country and abroad, online and at retail locations marked with Visa logo. Experience the simplicity of contactless payment and use the card to withdraw cash from ATMs.

You can add as many additional authorized users to your Visa Platinum card as you like and they will enjoy the same benefits of the basic card.

For more information, contact a branch officer or call designated phone number: +381 11 310 88 33, which is available 24/7.

Services provided by VISA card company are presented at official website: and are subject to change.


Whether you are on the road or at home, thanks to Banca Intesa Visa Platinum card you can rely on 24h assistance in solving problems, such as traffic accidents, car or home repairs.

As your friend in need it provides assistance and covers unforeseen travel costs for one event a year, which includes:

  • vehicle repair in the territory of Serbia, in case of minor failures (deflated tyre, minor mechanical, electrical or electronic defects, e.g. empty battery, broken belt, minor defects of cooling system, burnt fuses, etc.) up to 50 EUR per individual intervention,
  • vehicle transport in case of failure up to 100 km in Serbia, i.e. 150 km in Europe, per individual intervention,
  • free vehicle transport in case of traffic accident to the closest repair shop, no distance limit for accidents occurred in the territory of Serbia, B&H, Croatia and Montenegro,
  • unlimited number of service information.
Assistance package applies to an individual actively operating the vehicle which is the subject of assistance.

If you need any help at home, this card covers full repair costs, without limit for one event a year, which includes:

  • organization of repairman visit and repair service,
  • services of plumber, electrician, carpenter, locksmith and glazier,
  • coverage of all consumables required for repair, up to 15 EUR.
Costs of other parts and materials necessary for the repair are covered by the service user.

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