Visa Internet card

Simple, quick and secure online payments

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Visa Internet card is designed exclusively for payment of goods and services on the Internet, and for that reason it cannot be used on POS terminals and ATMs and is issued without a PIN code.
Visa Internet card allows you to make quick, easy and secure purchases on the internet. All you need to do is to identify yourself with the card number, validity period and a three-digit protection number (validation code), located on the face of the card.

The spending limit is determined by the amount of available funds on your foreign currency account. The overall consumption is debited from the foreign currency account, which is linked to your card and is calculated in euros. For consumption in dinars, when the account is debited, the Intesa Hit buying exchange rate for cash is applied, in accordance with the exchange list of Banca Intesa on the day of calculation.

To avoid possible abuse, we recommend you use of Banca Intesa Internet card exclusively for purchases via trusted and renowned websites.