Life insurance with savings

Life insurance with a savings component

Do you have a mixed life insurance policy, the only insurance product which provides an opportunity for savings, in addition to providing security? More than 90% of citizens of the Republic of Serbia will answer “no”, and if you are among them – make sure you read the rest of this article!

Life Insurance with savings gives everyone a unique opportunity to provide a secure future for themselves and their families without any initial capital or savings, in an organized and efficient manner. Only every tenth citizen of the Republic of Serbia has obtained such a policy, while in some more developed countries the average is one policy per citizen, but there are also examples of countries where this number even goes as high as 2-3 per citizen. Nevertheless, awareness and various prejudices related to life insurance are slowly changing when it comes to our country and it begins to be perceived less as a luxury and more as something which is quite necessary and desirable to have, for individuals and families alike.

With symbolic funds spent on a monthly premium, in the long run you will attain significant insured amounts, meaning – your life savings, after the expiration of the policy. The basic principle is as follows – make savings via your life insurance and be insured at the same time. Funds allocated in this way may be used in the future by the policyholder for a variety of things, be it according to his original plans, as well as for some new purpose. In accordance with the needs and wishes of the policyholder, insurance policy with savings can be arranged so that after it is paid out, it can be used as an addition to your pension, for your children's education or to help them after they graduate, to buy yourself a new car or simply to indulge yourself and take a trip around the world after your well-deserved retirement... The list of possibilities and uses you could achieve this way is quite long – seemingly inexhaustible. All you need to do is obtain a life insurance policy. It's never too late, but the sooner you do it – the better! Do you have a vision of the future and a stable monthly income, but you feel that you simply can't save up enough money and that you are always starting from scratch? Then this insurance is ideal for you!

Life insurance with savings is usually grouped into:

  • life insurance intended for education and future of your children
  • life insurance intended for family or a policyholder after the expiry of the insurance policy

In addition to financial protection in case of tragic events and the accumulation of your life savings, owning a life insurance policy has other advantages. For example, on the expiry of the third year of the insurance period, life insurance policy represents a security and in that capacity can be used as a collateral in some financial transactions.

Life insurance is a product that fully covers two insured events, "maturity date" (expiration of an insurance period) and death of the insured person. You can choose among several policies from our offer:

  • Providence – the largest savings component and the possibility of payment of the insured amount upon maturity date in instalments,
  • Complete – with following options Single,
  • Double and Triple, providing excellent balance of insured coverage and savings components,
  • Complete Pro – a product which, apart from the classic coverage and savings, offers coverage in case of diagnosis of one of the 20 major illnesses,
  • Scholarship Annuity – dedicated policy that generates a fund for the child's education, while at the same time providing life insurance to the parents.

Characteristics of Life insurance with a savings component – Complete Double:

  • long-term life insurance, in foreign currency, with savings;
  • after the expiry of life insurance period overall insured sum is paid out as a one-time payment;
  • in case of death of natural causes, the entire insured sum of life insurance is paid out as a one-time payment;
  • in case of death due to an accident, a double amount of life insurance sum is paid out;
  • insured individual chooses the beneficiary (beneficiaries) of his life insurance policy, which he may or may not be related to - the insured sum will be paid out within 15 days and is not subject to a probate hearing;
  • insured individual chooses life insurance payment dynamics: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or as a one-time payment;
  • possibility to arrange additional insurance for disability due to an accident and hospital days.

With life insurance, you can obtain an additional insurance for the purpose of disability which occurred as a result of an accident. The purpose of this additional insurance is to provide substantial financial resources which are necessary for a different way of living after experiencing a disability:

  • additional life insurance covers the case of permanent or partial disability arising as a result of an accident;
  • by paying an additional life insurance you are provided with financial compensation for days spent in hospital after an accident.