International travel insurance

You have your passport, your money, your vacation’s been authorized, you chose your destination, you have a lot of good will and a huge smile on your face... Everything’s accounted for. Except your travel insurance policy. But do not let this accidental oversight spoil your deserved vacation and relaxation... This policy is for you!

International travel insurance policy represents a means of payment of emergency medical services on your travels and during your stay outside the borders of the Republic of Serbia. Every time you travel there may be situations in which some discomfort can disrupt your plans. In the event of health problems on your travels abroad, we provide you with the only safe solution – international travel insurance! Do not allow unforeseen circumstances to ruin your beautiful vacation and wonderful memories.

Type of coverage:

Standard international travel insurance coverage: costs of medical treatment, transport to the nearest MD, referral to MD, medical advice, monitoring of the health condition of the policy holder.

Gold international travel insurance coverage: Standard + urgent delivery of medication, information on tourist destination prior to travel, aid in case of document theft, towing services, translator services, referral to lawyer, lending of funds in case of robbery, lawyer fees and bail, visit to a sick child, return of children without parental supervision.

You can receive a free travel insurance with certain credit cards of Banca Intesa. Look at our selection of credit cards.