Insurance of residential properties

Our house, our apartment, our home... is our castle and our fortress, but... is it equally secure? Do you find yourself wondering often whether you turned all the electrical appliances off, or whether the electrical and plumbing systems in your home are reliable enough? And what about the ones at your neighbours place? All these issues become even more unpleasant if they suddenly appear in the worst possible moment - when you are away from home, on vacation... But don’t worry, this insurance is just for you!

In order to respond to market demands and especially because of housing loans we created this household insurance policy (providing insurance for houses and apartments). Household insurance policy provides a secure protection of our property in its real value. The insured sum remains in EUR during the entire period of insurance and therefore does not lose its value.

By insuring your household you are preserving the roof over your head in the best possible manner. Save yourselves of everyday worries regarding the living space that you share with your loved ones, because there are many unforeseen events that may cause you high financial expenditure. This is why insurance of houses and apartments is the right solution for you.

With household insurance you can insure, either individually or combined, the following:

  • buildings intended for residential purposes, such as family houses and apartments (condominium ownership), weekend houses, garages, summer kitchens and economic facilities;
  • items that are used for decorating an apartment or house, or for personal use of the insured individual and his family members (furniture, appliances, money and valuables, art objects, etc.);
  • responsibility arising from an ownership on these objects;
  • individual responsibility for damage to third parties.

If you are aware of various threats to the security of your home and family, you will decide to adequately protect them. By insuring your household (insurance of houses, insurance of apartments, property insurance) and all the things in it, you will avoid financial expenditures in the following cases:

  • insurance against fire, lightning, explosion;
  • insurance against storms, hail, fall of an aircraft;
  • insurance from spillage of water from installations;
  • insurance against burglary and robbery;
  • insurance from events and demonstrations;
  • insurance against glass breakage.

The insurance premium depends on the chosen level of insurance coverage for the property, as well as on the selected amount of insurance compensation. For apartment in a building constructed 30 years ago, measuring 60 m2 and with construction value of approximately 500 euros per m2 - insurance premium that covers not only damage to the house, but also furniture, household, burglary consequences and even your responsibility towards the neighbours... amounts to only 53.46 euros per year in dinar equivalent!

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