Insurance with Banca Intesa

In cooperation with our partners in the field of insurance we present you with a wide range of life and non-life insurance policies. In a number of our branch offices you can obtain one of the insurance policies from our offer, whether it is connected to a loan or not.

  • Types of insurance

Casco insurance

You are buying a new car and are already concerned about that moment when you will have to leave your "new pet" all alone at night in a dark parking lot? You are already a proud owner of a four-wheeler, but are scared of irresponsible drivers or unknown passers-by when your vehicle is parked? Then this is the right insurance for you!

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Insurance of residential properties

Our house, our apartment, our home... is our castle and our fortress, but... is it equally secure? Do you find yourself wondering often whether you turned all the electrical appliances off, or whether the electrical and plumbing systems in your home are reliable enough? And what about the ones at your neighbours place? All these issues become even more unpleasant if they suddenly appear in the worst possible moment - when you are away from home, on vacation... But don’t worry, this insurance is just for you!

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International travel insurance

You have your passport, your money, your vacation’s been authorized, you chose your destination, you have a lot of good will and a huge smile on your face... Everything’s accounted for. Except your travel insurance policy. But do not let this accidental oversight spoil your deserved vacation and relaxation... This policy is for you!

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Riziko Life insurance

Life insurance of the loan beneficiary

With retail lending, especially when it comes to housing loans, business policy of a lot of banks includes a requirement that the borrower must have a life insurance during the repayment period, that is, he has to obtain Riziko insurance. In other cases it is optional, but mostly with certain benefits regarding the approval of loan conditions. Besides the fact that Riziko insurance can present a requirement for loan being approved or not, it ensures the financial security of the family of the loan user. For this purpose we created a special life insurance for loan users, with declining sums of insurance which follow the rest of the principal amount of the loan debt. Are you planning to raise a long term housing loan, and the safety and well-being of your family comes first? Then this is the right insurance for you!

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Life insurance with savings

Life insurance with a savings component

Do you have a mixed life insurance policy, the only insurance product which provides an opportunity for savings, in addition to providing security? More than 90% of citizens of the Republic of Serbia will answer “no”, and if you are among them – make sure you read the rest of this article!

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