Foreign Exchange Activities

Money transfer

We provide you with exceptionally fast and secure money transfers, whether they are foreign currency inflows in favour of our citizens or foreign currency payments intended for users abroad. Our most important advantage is availability, provided by a wide network of our bank's branches throughout the country, as well as a highly developed correspondent network abroad.

By using Loro remittances, as the most efficient and safest instrument of international payment services, foreign funds are available to you at most favourable conditions in the shortest term possible, and you can obtain instructions at any of the branches of our Bank or by calling our Contact centre. Funds from abroad are paid out in currency in which they were sent, or in dinars, and you can also opt for conversion into some other currency. This way you can receive a financial gift or financial assistance from abroad, or inflow on some other basis, with a favourable commission.

Express to Family

Sending money from Italy to Serbia up to 5,000 euros - fast, easy and affordable *

Meet "Express to Family", a service dedicated to Italian or foreign citizens (private individuals) with residence in Italy, which allows you to send money to members of your family, friends and acquaintances in countries in which banks that are members of Intesa Sanpaolo Group are operating.

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Foreign currency pensions

For all those who are entitled to a pension from abroad, we provide a fast and secure payment of pensions. Foreign currency pensions are paid out on the same or the following day after the funds have arrived at our bank, with a minimum commission. You can pick up your pension in the currency in which it was received from abroad, or in dinars.

Foreign checks

Through extensive correspondent network we can charge any type of foreign checks (traveller's, pension, bank...) from foreign issuers at a favourable commission.

Currency exchange operations

Currency exchange operations include the purchase and sale of foreign currency cash without commission.