Electronic and mobile banking

You have at your disposal modern and reliable electronic services which are used to perform various banking operations. You no longer have to personally come to the bank just to pay your monthly bills, settle credit card obligations, perform currency exchange operations or transfer your money into savings accounts.

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There is no need to carry your wallet with you every time you leave the house. Just relax and use the opportunity to pay faster and simpler with virtual payment cards directly from your smartphone.

Whether you go shopping or go out with your friends, enjoy the full benefits of this first real mobile wallet in our market.

With Wave2Pay service, step into the era of digital payment.

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Mobile banking - Intesa Mobi

Make payments quickly and securely using your mobile phone

Quick, easy and secure - use your mobile phone to make any non-cash payment whenever and wherever you want, and all that without commission. The service is available 24 hours, seven days a week, wherever you are, all you need is a mobile phone with an Internet access. Activation and use of the Intesa Mobi service is free of charge. Save your time and your money.

Is it possible that you haven't tried it yet? Try out the demo application on your mobile device, discover new functionalities and see how easy it is to use.

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Electronic banking - Intesa Online

Banking services are just a click away

Intesa Online gives you an opportunity to securely, easily and simply perform any cash-free payments from your computer - and without any commission! All you need is to have a computer with an internet connection and you can access your accounts whenever you wish, wherever you are.

Is it possible that you haven't tried it yet? We invite you to try out free demo application and see how easy and convenient it is to use the Intesa Online application.

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Intesa Halo

Banking services via a telephone call

You can perform banking transactions via a telephone call with an agent of our Bank's Contact centre. This way you’re able to pay the bills as you see fit, make foreign currency exchange operations, settle the liabilities that arise from your credit cards, transfer funds from one account to another or just have an insight into the state of your accounts and payment cards that you own at our Bank.

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Intesa SMS standing order

Leave payment of your monthly bills to us

You no longer have to spend time waiting in line and worrying whether your utility bills, bills for telephone services, electricity, post-paid mobile phone services, internet provider services and cable TV are paid or not. Each month we transfer the funds and pay your monthly bills, commission-free, directly from your current account.

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SMS notification

Get all the information regarding your accounts via SMS

Find the information on your account or payment card balance, or foreign currency exchange rates quickly and easily via SMS notifications.

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Together with you we strive to preserve the nature. That is why we launched the service of sending monthly credit card statements to the email address of the user. Banca Intesa continuously participates in initiatives that contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment.

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E-Banking terminals

Make payments quickly, easily and free of charge!

E-banking terminals are devices based on self-service located in branches of Banca Intesa, with which you can easily, quickly and safely perform any kind of payment from your current account, check the balance and print your account or credit card statements.

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