E-Banking terminals

Make payments quickly, easily and free of charge!

E-banking terminals are devices based on self-service located in branches of Banca Intesa, with which you can easily, quickly and safely perform any kind of payment from your current account, check the balance and print your account or credit card statements.

E-banking terminals are designed for individuals, clients of Banca Intesa, who own an active Maestro, MasterCard or Visa payment card. Services provided by these devices are available 24 hours, seven days a week, at branches marked with "Zona 24", while in other branches that provide access to an E-banking terminal, they are available only during office hours.
By using E-banking terminals you can:
  • Perform any payment from your current account and print a confirmation of a received payment order
  • Check the balance on your accounts and print account statements
  • Check the balance on your payment cards and print credit card statements

For all payments made on the E-banking terminals no fee will be charged until 31. 12. 2019.
Possibility of payment is available only to users of debit payment cards of Banca Intesa, which are connected to their current account.


Payment cards of Banca Intesa are protected via the latest chip technology and PIN code. The chip is unique and cannot be duplicated, while the PIN code is available only to the card user. In case of a card loss or an attempt of unauthorized use, the card will be blocked after three unsuccessful PIN code entries.