Means of authorization

Make payments quickly, easily and securely.

You can confirm any payment transaction through Intesa On-line service in a quick, easy and secure manner by using our new means of authentication.

You can make a request for one of the two new means of authorization in any of our branches, depending on the mobile device you are using:

  • SMS OTP – available on all phones
  • mToken – available on smart mobile devices with the Android and iPhone operating systems.
Note: It is not possible to use both SMS OTP and mToken type of authorization. Using one type of of authorization excludes the use of other.

  • SMS OTP – To use the SMS OTP service, you need to register your mobile phone number for which you will be getting a one-time password, when performing transactions via Intesa On-line application, that you should enter it in the application itself into the designated field and thus complete the transaction.
  • mToken – Depending on the mobile device you are using, you will need to download the Intesa Mobi application from one of the available markets (Google Play or the Apple Store). It contains:
    – mToken
    – functionalities available for unregistered clients, so called pre-logging functionalities (Locations, Demo, Contact us)
    – Intesa Mobi (mobile banking services), available only to users who have registered for this service.