When you’re outside, you no longer have to carry your wallet around. Just relax and enjoy faster and simpler payment by virtual cards directly from your mobile phone with Wave2Pay application.

This modern mobile cashless payment solution is available on mobile phones with Android KitKat 4.4 or higher operating systems and phones that support NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. To make mobile payments, in addition to Wave2Pay app you need to have an active Visa Inspire and/or Visa Electron card and an account opened with Banca Intesa. Retail outlets that support payment by Wave2Pay app are marked with cashless payment signs.

Features of Wave2Pay service

  • Cashless payments by mobile phone with virtual Visa Inspire and Visa Electron payment cards.
  • Payment is possible even without internet connection.
  • No fees for app activation or use
  • mPin created by the user for payment authorization is the same for all cards in the app.

Check your balance and see all transactions made by virtual and physical cards, including the following information:

  • Outlet name
  • Transaction time
  • Transaction amount
  • Transaction status - approved, denied, reserved, posted
  • Transaction location shown on interactive map (if geolocation is turned on)

Notification on transactions by Visa Inspire and Visa Electron cards, both virtual and physical, in country and abroad.

Activation of Wave2Pay app

Through Intesa Online

In bank branch

Wave2Pay video tutorial ENG