Intesa Halo

You can perform banking transactions via telephone call with an agent of our Bank's Contact centre. This way you’re able to pay the bills as you see fit, make foreign currency exchange operations, settle the liabilities that arise from your credit cards, transfer funds from one account to another or just have an insight into the state of your accounts and payment cards that you own at our Bank.

With a single phone call to our agent, you can:

  1. Get insight into the balance and transactions on your accounts
  2. Get insight into the balance and transactions on your payment cards
  3. Transfer money among your own accounts and settle liabilities on credit cards
  4. Perform currency exchange operations within your own foreign currency and dinar accounts
  5. Send payments in dinars to any account of your choosing
  6. To get in touch with an agent of our Bank's Contact centre, you will first need to identify yourself with the IVR by entering your account number and personal identification number (Banca Intesa LIB number ). If you registered your phone number at our Bank, you will only need your LIB to use this service.

IVR - Interactive voice response

IVR allows you, at any time, to easily and quickly find out about the status of your accounts and credit cards, the amount of reserved funds, get a description of each product that is offered by the Bank, get a foreign currency exchange rate list, as well as all other relevant information.

You only need to call the Contact centre of Banca Intesa using a telephone that has the tone dialling ability and follow the instructions of IVR.

All information regarding Banca Intesa On-line can be obtained by calling the Contact centre via the number 011/310 88 88, weekdays from 8.00 to 21.00 and Saturday from 9.00 to 14.00.