Authorization solutions

Confirm any payment transaction made through Intesa Online e-banking in a quick, simple and easy way with new authorization solutions.

Ask for one of two available authorization solutions in any branch of Banca Intesa, depending on the type of mobile phone you use:

  1. SMS one-time password - available for all phones
  2. mToken – available for smart phones with Android and iOS operating systems.

Note: It is not possible to use both SMS one-time password and mToken at the same time. Use of one type of authorization excludes use of the other.

SMS one-time password

One password - one payment

In order to ensure payment safety you can use a password for one payment within 120 seconds. The same password cannot be used for several different payments.

New password

If password is not entered within the time provided, you can ask for a new password, but at least 30 seconds has to pass between two requests.

Entering a wrong password

If you entered an invalid password a message will appear informing you that the password you entered is incorrect. If you enter a wrong password three times, payments will be disabled for the next 60 minutes. Every time you enter a wrong password after that, payments will be blocked for additional 60 minutes. If you enter wrong password six times in a row, your account will be blocked. In that case call the Contact Centre of Banca Intesa at 011/30-10-160.


Practical solution

mToken is integrated in Intesa Mobi app and is always available on your mobile phone. Use mToken to authorize your banking transactions.

Simple use for Intesa Online transactions

When you perform transactions in the Online app you receive a six-digit number that you enter into mToken app, in which way you simply generate a one-time password that is then entered into Online application to confirm payment.