Questions and answers

What do I need to open a current account and which services are then at my disposal?

You can open Intesa Hit current account with your identity card, coming to the nearest branch of Banca Intesa. The use of this account provides you with numerous benefits such as a more favourable euro exchange rate, American Express Blue or MasterCard credit cards, with no membership fee charged, overdraft, On-line banking, SMS information, checks, additional health insurance. If you want, you can open a standing order, by means of which the Bank every month directly from your current account transfer funds and without commission pays your monthly bills for electricity, telephone, utilities. You can get more detailed information on all the benefits in the section Retail banking/Current accounts.

I am currently abroad. How can I pay in money to the foreign currency account with your bank?

The transfer of funds from abroad to an account with our bank can be executed by means of banking order, using a loro remittance. As a sender you need the instruction for transfer of funds in a particular currency, with all the necessary data. The instruction can be taken over in the nearest branch of our bank or via e-mail if you send the information on the currency in which the transfer is going to be executed, as well as the JMBG of the person you are sending the funds to, who has an open foreign currency account with our bank.

How can I send money abroad?

The transfer of funds abroad can be executed by means of nostro remittance – banking order used for the transfer of funds abroad. You fill in the order in a branch on the basis of the payment instruction, i.e. an invoice, if you are paying for some goods or services abroad. The commission for this kind of service is 0.6%, minimum 400 dinars per remittance (outflow by means of nostro remittance – Kosovo and Metohija 0,8%, minimum 500 dinars). If you wish to pay the expenses of the foreign bank too, you should provide the amount of 30 EUR on your account for the expenses of the foreign bank. If you pay for goods and services on the basis of invoice, you should reserve the amount of 30 EUR for the foreign expenses. You should have an open foreign currency account to place on it the money you are sending. You can open the foreign currency account in the nearest branch of the Bank. The opening of this account is free of charge and there are no maintenance costs.

Who can pay in the money to my foreign currency account?

According to the Law on foreign currency operations that came into force on 27th July 2006, these payments in an effective foreign currency can be executed only by the owner or an authorised person per account, or per booklet. A natural person can issue an authorization outside the Bank. In the country, the authorization should be certified by an authorized institution – court or municipality, and abroad by the consulate of the Republic of Serbia or a notary. If the account’s owner is in Belgrade, the authorization is executed by coming to the Bank’s counter together with the persons the account’s owner wants to authorize.

Can I apply for the loan with your bank although I don’t have an open current account with your bank?

Even if you do not receive your earnings through an account at our bank, you can apply for some of our consumer loans or a Laki Keš loan in dinars or EUR.
All loan participants must meet the eliminatory loan conditions:

·Loan user must be a citizen of the Republic of Serbia with residence within the territories in which the Republic of Serbia has a full state jurisdiction.

·Loan user and the guarantor cannot be younger than 20 years old at the time of the approval or older than 68 years at the time of final repayment of the loan.

·Loan user must have at least 1 year of work experience

·Loan user can be employed for an indefinite period of time with the engagement of at least 3 months with their current employer, or employed for an indefinite period of time while receiving salaries through the current account of the Bank and who orderly used in the past or currently use some of the Bank's credit products provided that their current employment contract was signed for a period longer than 6 months, and that it was at least once previously renewed.

·Minimum monthly income of the loan user and guarantors cannot be lower than 150 EUR (in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of NBS), or 100 EUR for retirees.

·If the loan applicant is employed in the SZR (Sole proprietorship business), STR (Sole trader business), SUR (Sole restaurant business), or DOO (Limited liability company), it is necessary that they receive at least one salary through a current account opened with Banca Intesa ad Beograd, with the obligation to provide a statement from another bank or a certificate obtained from the Tax Administration with which they will prove their income in previous three months.

·If the loan applicant is an owner of SZR (Sole proprietorship business), STR (Sole trader business), SUR (Sole restaurant business), etc., in addition to the above requirements they should submit a certificate from the relevant Tax Administration that the company has no outstanding liabilities arising from taxes.

·Retirees who are unable to certify the Certificate of employment and income level, as well as the Administrative ban, but have received at least one pension through a current account at Banca Intesa ad Beograd, will be able to apply for all types of loans from our standard offer in the future. When applying they will have to provide:
- Pensions check for the last month (instead of the Certificate of employment and income level)
- In addition to other security instruments, a standing order (instead of administrative ban)

I have income, but on the basis of author’s fee. Can I apply for a loan with your bank?

If you do not have a regular monthly income on the basis of salary, you can apply for cash loan on the basis of 105% foreign currency down payment or on the basis of depositing of bonds on foreign currency savings.

I have an open current account with your bank and I am interested in the loan for car purchase. Which loan could I take out for this purpose?

Among the loan offer in our bank there are loan models for purchase of used and new cars.

All the features of all these loan models and other loans that we offer are available at our website in the section Retail banking / Loans.

Which are the basic conditions required in order to apply for a mortgage loan with your bank?

The Bank offers several models of housing loans, which vary in interest rates, the amount of the required down payment, repayment periods (up to 30 years), etc.


·Housing loans are granted to residents residing on the territory for which the Republic of Serbia has full jurisdiction of the state and where there is a possibility of obtaining a Credit bureau report through the Association of Serbian Banks

·A resident must have a current account with Banca Intesa ad Beograd and must have received at least one salary at the time of loan realization

·Per a single loan application up to one joint and several debtor can be accepted

·The age limit at the time of applying for a loan is a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 70 years at the time of final repayment of the loan.

·Employment established for an indefinite period of time
- Minimum of 1 year of work experience
- The last 3 months of employment with the current employer minimum
- Employment established for a limited time, and in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and the Law on Scientific Research Activity

·The minimum monthly salary for the application cannot be lower than 30,000 RSD

·Credit ability