Payment Cards

Visa Infinite

The line between perfection and excellence has always been a thin one, yet known to you. This is why we have dedicated Banca Intesa Visa Infinite to you, a unique debit card that erases this line for the few who recognise it. Now, this line is no more. The Banca Intesa Visa Infinite card introduces you to an entire perfect world of first-class service and luxury.

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Visa Platinum

You deserve special treatment. And that is exactly the treatment you get with this unique Banca Intesa Visa Platinum debit card. Your day stops being “business as usual”, because there is nothing usual about this card. It gives you privileges and benefits designed to meet your needs, makes your challenging day easier and helps you stay on top of any situation. It opens the door to a world a few can enter and lets you enjoy in special benefits both in our country and around the world.

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