DinaCard debit card for individuals and legal entities


Pursuant to the Law on Interchange Fees and Special Operating Rules for Card-Based Payment Transactions, as of August 17, 2018, Banca Intesa shall start issuing DinaCard debit cards free-of-charge to individual current account holders, and Dina Business debit card for legal entities, which can be used for performing transactions domestically.

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Banca Intesa Introduces Visa Infinite debit card


In cooperation with Visa, Banca Intesa has introduced Visa Infinite premium debit card in its portfolio, one of the most exclusive payment cards in the Serbian market and one of the most prestigious cards in the world.

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Banca Intesa supports the 4th Italia Soccer Camp for children


Banca Intesa supports Italia Soccer Camp in Serbia for the 4th consecutive time, an event which will provide boys and girls ages 7-14 a unique opportunity to learn about the skills and secrets of this sport through working with the top Italian coaches.

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Banca Intesa launches the 6th advanced annual cycle of the Intesa Farmer contest


Banca Intesa is opening the 6th annual cycle of the Intesa Farmer prize competition for the most successful agricultural producers who are going to be awarded in three categories: Intesa Farmer of the Year, Intesa Innovator Farmer and Intesa Young Farmer.

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Working hours of branch offices during International Workers’ Day


In accordance with the Law on Public and Other Holidays in the Republic of Serbia, branch offices of Banca Intesa will not be open during International Workers’ holidays on Tuesday, 1st May and Wednesday, 2nd May 2018. The first business day after holidays will be Thursday, 3rd May, 2018.

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Following approval by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Board of Directors of the offer that the Bank received from Intrum, Intesa Sanpaolo and Intrum today reached a binding agreement to form a strategic partnership in respect of non-performing loans

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Banca Intesa investing EUR 65 million in digitalization


Keeping up with the dynamic technological advancement and new expectations and needs of bank service users, Banca Intesa has started a comprehensive process of digital transformation in which it will invest more than EUR 65 million.

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Business hours of branch offices during Easter holidays


In line with the Law on State and Other Holidays in the Republic of Serbia, branch offices of Banca Intesa will not be open during Easter holidays, from Friday, April 6 to Monday, April 9, 2018. The first working day after the holidays will be Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

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Special VIRTUS award for Banca Intesa


Banca Intesa has received a special VIRTUS award for volunteering, presented by Trag Foundation, with the support from European Union and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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Banca Intesa takes Best Bank in Serbia award for this year as well


Renowned international financial magazine Global Finance has granted Banca Intesa the award for the Best Bank in Serbia for 2018. 

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