The value of assets managed by Intesa Invest exceeded EUR 100 million

Intesa Invest a.d. Belgrade, an open-end investment fund management company with a public offering, achieved record business results despite a challenging period. The total assets of investment funds managed by Intesa Invest have reached the highest historical value of over 104 million euros. Also, all other business indicators were at historical highs at the end of November: market share was over 26%, and the value of the investment unit of Intesa Invest Comfort Euro Fund reached the value of EUR 8.94 at the end of November, while the value of the investment unit Intesa Invest Cash Dinar fund amounted to RSD 1,057.42.
In addition to the observed results, Intesa Invest offers a new model of investing free funds in EUR, with the aim of achieving a stable return, with the highest level of stability of invested funds. Intesa Invest Cash Euro UCITS fund is intended for individuals and legal entities interested in the most optimal way of managing excess liquid assets in euros, with the lowest level of investment risk. Intesa Invest Cash Euro UCITS fund mainly invests in cash deposits with renowned domestic banks, money market instruments and euro-denominated debt securities, which creates the possibility of achieving a stable return in the short term, with the lowest level of risk. The main advantage of this investment fund is that the entire process of investing and raising funds takes place entirely in euros, for both individuals and legal entities.


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